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Latest Play Room News

This term we will be creating a new sensory area with the help from Ducklings. The children have taken pride in creating their own sensory bottles and enjoyed exploring them when they were finished. The children are also expressing their enjoyment in singing and dancing to nursery rhymes. The children have been making their own music with the musical instruments. We have decided to create a nursery rhyme display board with all the children’s favourite songs on and their craft and activities to show their interest in nursery rhymes.  

The Kingfishers will continue to explore the seasons, they will look at what happens during summer time. The children will add to their seasons display board with all their summer arts and crafts. They will learn about the different weather and understand the different changes of clothing, e.g. sun hats and raincoats! The children will also be exploring new textures by making new sensory bottles. They will practise their pouring from a jug and mixing different textures together.  

The  Goslings are watching and talking about how flowers grow and how we look after them. Goslings are also introducing various messy play activities including play dough and gloop to find out what the children enjoy. 

The Hummingbird children are being introduced to the concept of patience by bringing in a focus activity. This focus activity is set up in the morning and covered until 9am when all the children should have arrived at nursery. Hummingbirds have been focusing on their self-care and will continue to do so this term, they have enjoyed cleaning the babies’ teeth, brushing their hair and dressing them into clothes. They have also been working on potty training with the children which is going very well. Hummingbirds are beginning to learn about routines and boundaries and putting simple rules in place to see if the children can follow them.  

The Penguins  have been creating a new display board based on a book called ‘The Tree’ and is one of the children’s favourite books. The book holds an important environmental message about respecting animal habitats, while building new houses and being aware of the wildlife. The children have created a lovely 3D tree to go on the display board using glue and green materials such as shiny foil and crepe paper. The children are looking forward to going into our nature garden to explore the big Chestnut tree, looking for signs of wildlife and getting inspiration to draw their own tree to go onto the display board.

Snowy Owls have been introducing Letters & Sounds and learning phonics. The children are also practising their listening and sitting skills.   

Cuckoos have been showing an interest in the world.  The children are creating a display to support these interests and covering a range of topics such as people around the world, animals, flags, climates, nature and even exploring what may be outside our world in space. Cuckoos are carrying out stimulating activities around these topics to widen the children’s knowledge and curiosity about the world around them whilst also developing many other areas of development. Cuckoos are encouraging the children to develop their understanding and become more independent in their own self-care in preparation for school. 

Woodpecker children are being introduced to ‘practical life’ activities inspired by the Montessori Approach. This is an approach that is a specifically child-centred and will allow the children to be involved and make their own child-led activities.  The practical life activities will help to develop their fine motor and early writing skills. This will also help develop their self-help skills including dressing and undressing themselves, using their cutlery at mealtimes and their toileting. These are all key skills they will need to use as they prepare to go to school in September.  

For Letters & Sounds time, we will be continuing to hone those listening and communication skills ready for when your child goes to school.  We will be looking at the sounds; m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u and r. We will be doing fun activities to support the understanding of the sounds, such as sound treasure hunts, making silly soup and making up our own stories. 

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