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Play Room News:

Ducklings have been welcoming new children into their room and creating lovely bonds with them. They have made a song box with props in so the children can have a choice of which song they would like to sing. The children are enjoying playing in the kitchen role-play area and the staff are supporting them with their play and extending their language. The children are all becoming more independent by feeding themselves and cruising/walking around the room. The children are creating some wonderful artwork for their Autumn displays.

We have said goodbye to most of the Gosling children who have moved up to the next room and hello to some new faces. This term we are settling in our new children and getting to know their interests while focusing on numbers through rhymes and naming our body parts.  Gosling children have taken a keen interest in matching lids to the correct pots. We have used lots of different shape and size pots that you would find in the kitchen.

In Puffins we are welcoming our new children into the room and they are settling well. We are changing our favourite book display to “If You See A Kitten” which has lots of different sounds in. We are monitoring the children’s interest over the next couple of weeks so we can change our song display. The children are enjoying being creative with music and movement inside and outside using pom-poms and materials. Our theme is going to the zoo and we are asking parents to bring in some photos for the children to see and put on display.

Hummingbirds have been focusing on becoming more independent; at mealtimes the children have been serving their own lunch up with support from the staff and pouring their own water. They have been interested in measuring their friends and talking about who is the tallest and shortest. They have all been discussing how they should care for Frank the fish. They are creating an adventure board for Harry the Hummingbirds so if you wish to take him on an adventure please speak to staff.

Penguins have been focusing on partnerships with parents in relation to their adventures. We have been looking at different cultures from around the world and sharing our knowledge using Polly the Penguin. We all enjoy reading the book together in our daily circle time and we made jetpacks to extend on this and pretended to fly around the garden. The new children in Penguins are now settling very well. As a room we will be focusing on recognising numerals of significance (such as our age) and making some new friendships including the adults.

Cuckoos have settled well into their new room and they have been busy creating their favourite number song display. They have worked together to create their own 5 Little Ducks display. They have been talking about the world around us and are starting their new display with vehicles, families and nature on it. They have enjoyed playing with the small world toys especially the dinosaurs, adding them to the sand and using number cards in their activity.

Woodpeckers have said a farewell to the children who have all gone off to school and have welcomed new children into their room. They are settling in well and creating some lovely friendships together. They are all busy doing new displays within the room. They have introduced book of the month and the children have chosen the Hungry Caterpillar for September, drawing their favourite foods from the story and will be doing some fruit printing.

Teaching Time

It was been lovely to meet all the new children who have moved into Cuckoos room and of course welcome back many familiar faces! Over the last 2 weeks the children have enjoyed taking part in activities from Phase one of the Letter and Sounds teaching programme, focusing on listening and attention. The children particularly loved exploring environmental sounds with our activity ‘Mrs Debbie Has A Box’ and the large oinking pig was a huge hit!






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