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Play Room News:

Ducklings and Kingfishers have been welcoming and settling new babies into the room and supporting them to make new friends.  While the weather has been cold, the babies have been practicing gross motor skills in the soft playroom using lots of new resources to help with walking.   To help with development of fine motor skills there has been lots of shape sorting with babies attempting to put the shapes through the right spaces.   Ducklings have been doing lots of craft activities while Kingfishers have really enjoyed song time especially ‘The Wheels On The Bus’.

This term the Gosling children have really enjoyed building their own structures. They have also been learning some counting words and colours. They loved the ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ story doing some of the actions and repeating phrases. In the near future Goslings are planning to produce an activity box based on the story to share with all the other children in the garden.

Puffins have really enjoyed playing in their music area spending time together with their new song box. The Puffins are making lots of cups of tea and dinners in the home corner. They have also been exploring money and pressing buttons on the cash till. They have also enjoyed lots of messy play and exploring the toys around the room.

Hummingbirds have been really interested in looking after the goldfish in their room, feeding him when needed. They have also made a display of ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5’ which they have also enjoyed singing.  They have been trying out art activities in different ways by using bubble wrap and cling film to create new marks and new ways of painting. They have been trying out the new binoculars and seeing what they could spot in the garden.

Penguins are really enjoying the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story using this as a base to learn about counting, life cycles, fruit and vegetables. This has been extended through craft and other activities in the room as well as a lovely display. The children have also been leaning how to be more independent by putting on their own coats and shoes and are becoming more aware of theirs and others feelings.

Woodpeckers have been exploring their new small world toys, which includes a space rocket and a tree house. They have also been using their new writing boards to form letters from their names. Their favourite story at the moment is about a little boy Alan and is called ‘I Need A Wee’.  In the next few weeks the children will be turning their role-play area into an airport as this is a shared interest with the children. The children have also been talking about their families.

Cuckoos have been welcoming new friends and have been getting used to new routines. There has been lots of exploring of materials, talking about how they feel and using lots of new words, which are displayed on their wall in the room.

Snowy Owls have been learning all about big and small measurements of objects and seeing how tall they all are on the height chart as well as how heavy and light objects are. They have all been enjoying the book about Elmer the Elephant and have made a display in their book corner. This has lead to discussions about differences and similarities between themselves and friends. Snowy Owls have also enjoyed their new magnetic shapes and magnetic boards.









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