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Play Room News:

In Ducklings and Kingfishers we have enjoyed singing lots of songs especially ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ so we made a display using different mark making materials to decorate our own stars.   We have loved exploring our environment seeing what all the different toys and objects can do as well as taking part in different messy activities including gloop and spaghetti play.   Over the next few months we will be looking at making a winter tree exploring different textures of printing materials and a winter sensory box to use lots of describing language.

In Goslings we have loved being outside playing with the leaves and our parents have brought in photos from home for our Autumn display showing how much fun we have been having jumping in the autumn leaves and listening to them crunch under our feet.   Over the winter months we are going to be doing lots of activities connected with different children’s cultures and asking parents to kindly bring in more photos of any celebrations that may be happening at home.

In Puffins we have loved taking part in Tatty Bumpkins following each story with interest and learning about different celebrations and have created a display to show all our favourite moves and sensory experiences.   We have enjoyed looking at nature and finding squirrels in the garden and have had lots of fun developing our gross motor skills using the bikes to push ourselves along and sometimes even being able to pedal! We have enjoyed reading a range of stories and learning lots of rhymes. Over the next few months we will be doing lots of sensory play including crazy soap with dinosaurs, spaghetti play and gloop.

In Hummingbirds we have used the children’s love of Peppa Pig to make a display for counting and making choices.   We love playing with baby dollies so we turned our role-play area into baby clinic using props to look after the baby dollies, washing them and dressing them.   We also had some of the children from the Baby Room join us for some buddy time where we helped to give bottles and care for them. We have been using our kindness tree to promote positive relationships and praising all the kind things we can do for each other.   We have also been looking at our own reflections and talking about how each of us is different from one another and painting self-portraits.   As the weather gets colder we are looking do some activities in the garden to keep us warm such as the parachute and making obstacle courses.

In Penguins we have been looking at insects and bugs, going on bug hunts in the nature garden and making an Incy Wincy spider display.   We have been doing group games including musical bumps and circle games to help our new friends feel at home and build good friendships.  We have been counting, looking at numbers and how they change when adding objects or taking them away. Over the few months we will be looking more at shapes and letters, using different mark making materials, for example sand to write and draw in and we are going to be looking at different Seasons and how they change the weather and nature around them.

In Cuckoos we changed our role-play area into a jungle as interest had been shown in animals and talking about trips to the zoo and so we looked at wild animals and how they are different to zoo animals and pets. We have been working on using our tripod grip when drawing and writing with pens or pencils to help gain better control for forming letters ready for school. We will continue to do lots of work on our letters and sounds with the Teacher and exploring with ice and water play.

In Woodpeckers we have enjoyed our dinosaur role paly area as we have been really interested in dinosaurs and learning their names and have shared our knowledge with the ladies and other children. We are really loving music at the moment too and exploring all the different sounds we can make with the different instruments.

In ‘Teacher time’ we have enjoyed Maths Week and being creative with the paints, glitter and glue and making lots of wonderful creations.

Polite Notice to parents:

With the dark nights and duller mornings now settled in can we please ask parents to be especially carefully when driving in and out of the nursery and to be more aware of pedestrians walking past our entrance and parents, children and staff moving around the car park.

Your co-operation is much appreciated, thank you.









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