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Play Room News:


Ducklings and Kingfishers have been welcoming and settling new babies into the room and supporting them to make new friends. They have been enjoying different sensory art activities such as couscous and pasta mixed with paints. The babies have also created a dinosaur role-play involving papier-mache and shredded paper.They have loved exploring this.

We are also busy changing our wall displays, so look out for all the fabulous creations.  We are using our 5 words of the month to extend language, you can find them on our door and you can take part at home too.

Goslings are very interested in all types of animals, we have created lots of fun activities around this, such as, tray play with crazy foam and water animals and shells. Puzzles, face masks and small world animals. Please take a look at our display on all the types of activities we do involving a variety of different animals and their habitats. We would like parents to be involved, you can take part by completing a ‘My Adventures’ form, sharing any days out you may have to the zoo, farms or aquariums etc.  Please feel free to email photos.

Puffins have enjoyed exploring paint in group art, they have been using cars and vehicles, tea bags and balls. As the weather is getting warmer, we are also enjoying lots of water play. We also love the texture of crazy foam and spend ages mark-making with and squishing it between our fingers. The children are also learning lots of action rhymes at the moment. Sleeping Bunnies is a favourite and the Grand Old Duke of York.

The children also love story time when getting ready for meals and are getting good at taking turns in choosing a book to read.

Hummingbirds have been enjoying their space role-play area. They have also loved playing with the dinosaurs and playing shopkeepers, great imaginations are developing. Hummingbirds’ favourite song of the moment is ‘Three Cheeky Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’.  Lots of fun is also taking place during Tatty Bumpkins sessions on a Tuesday. The children love being giggly, bendy and stretchy. Each week they have a new adventure with Tatty to look forward to.

Penguins have been focusing on potty training and have been reading the book ‘Aliens Wear Underpants’ to support them in learning to wear pants. They are doing very well. Penguins have created an explorer centre, as the children have a big interest in finding bugs and birds in the garden. They have also received lots of new toys, which they are enjoying exploring and playing with.

Over the last few weeks Woodpeckers have made a lovely springtime board. They have also been exploring a wide range of science experiments which have really captured their imaginations.

The children have been working on their letter sounds and writing their own names. We have also been doing number recognition and number problems using a wide range of activities. Over the coming weeks we will be working on school readiness, dressing and undressing for P.E. social skills and independence.

Snowy owls have been enjoying making and exploring science experiments. They have been doing lots of group activities and games, such as, bingo, parachute games, marble run and snakes and ladders.

The children have also enjoyed dressing up and creating lots of role play scenarios. We have also been focusing on recognising our names at lunch times, circle time and on our cubby holes.

Cuckoos have been busy learning to recognise their names, exploring many name recognition activities. Cuckoos have also been taking part in Math activities learning about quantities involving more or less.

We have also had lots fun in our vet role play area, using our imaginations, the children particularly like playing families and taking turns to be mummy, daddy and baby.

The children have continued to enjoy a variety of letters and sounds activities this term. It has been great to see the home learning packs being borrowed and the new maths packs have been a real hit! The Science week in March was met with great enthusiasm, linking a story each day to a science investigation. The children particularly loved creating a balloon rocket after listening to “Whatever Next!” By Jill Murphy.

Sun cream and hats

Please remember to bring in sun cream and hats for your children now the weather is getting warm.

Parent Questionnaire

Feedback from the parent questionnaires is displayed in the entrance area, as we are trying to save on paper use for environmental reasons, if you would like a copy please ask.








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