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Play Room News:

We have been outside in the garden planting a variety of different flowers with lots of help from the children.  They have been digging big holes and lifting all the plants into the soil.  All the children really enjoy helping to care for the flowers filling up their little watering cans at the water tray and carrying them over to the flowerbeds.  We all got very excited when a Grandfather of one of our preschoolers  arrived at the door with some lovely plants too. The children eagerly rushed outside to help him plant them, showing him where the tools and flowerbeds were. The children thoroughly enjoyed his visit, he told us how to care for plants and showed us the roots, stem and petals. 

As the flowers grow the children will watch to see how tall they get, they will be using rulers and tape measures to see how tall the plants grow. The pre-school children will be planting some beanstalks this week too, just like the ones from Jack and the Beanstalk. We are all wondering if they will grow as tall as Jack’s did and hoping that there are not any scary giants at the top on them!

The children in Snowy Owls and Puffins have been keeping a check on the nature garden for us, they look out into the nature garden through their window and let us know if there any little visitors for us to see. So far they have spotted squirrels, cats and birds through their binoculars. 

Dates for Diaries:

Monday 25th September and Tuesday 26th September Rob Sambrook will be at nursery to take photographs.   If your child is not normally in attendance that day but you would like to arrange a photograph to be taken, please book an appointment with your Room Manager.






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